Monday, March 30, 2009

You Know You're Famous When...

An obituary appeared in the Anderson Independent for Lou Saban who passed away on Sunday. Lou had a great career in sports
Saban played football at Indiana University and for the Cleveland Browns of the NFL before embarking on an unmatched head coaching career that included stops with the Boston Patriots and Buffalo Bills of the old American Football League and the Denver Broncos and Bills after the AFL merged with the NFL in 1970, along with college jobs at Miami, Army, Northwestern and Maryland.

Saban, who was 95-99-7 in 16 seasons of pro football, also was president of the New York Yankees from 1981-82 and coached high school football from 1987-89.
I hope his life was as full as it sounds. However, the fame of another man named Saban is so great that it will not allow Lou to rest in peace without intruding itself into his passing:
Saban shared the last name of another prominent football coach, Alabama's Nick Saban. Joyce Saban said the two men might have been second cousins, but said the families weren't exactly sure whether they were related. [emphasis added]
This was placed in paragraph six in a nineteen graph obit.

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