Friday, March 13, 2009

Why Obstacles Will Remain to Switching Jobs

American firms will actually lose profitability if health insurance is taken from their greedy grimy clutches. At present people are working 45-60 (or even 70) hour weeks for the base pay that is supposed to be compensation for a 40 hour week. They do these extra hours for the same pay because they fear losing health care coverage as they lose their jobs.
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Anything that increases employees ability to move bewteen jobs (IOW, improve economic efficiency) is going to be opposed by business. The conflict between the interest of the worker and those of the employer have not disappeared nor will they. I have worked for too many companies that tried to game the system - hiring two employees for the same position and firing one after a few months, trying to track exempt employees hours and dock their pay if hours slip for a given week. Consider the ferociousness of efforts to prevent employees from sharing salary information.

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