Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Return of Dred Scott

Premise 1: Persons can own corporations

Premise 2: Corporations are persons

Conclusion: Corporations can own persons

Mission Accomplished!

I love Christian Book Stores

First let me say that the Family Christian Book Store is lame-o-city! It's almost as if the aisles are extra wide because there are too many books that they are afraid to stock. Now, admittedly, I was there looking for Jim McGrath's The Burial of Jesus. One look told me that I was not going to find it. But I thought I would poke around anyway.

There, right next to the study guides, was the Apologetics section. They are still peddling Josh McDowell, he he. But The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict could not distract from the glory that is One Minute Answers to Skeptics ...

What do they do with the 58 seconds after muttering, "Is, too!"