Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The War Tax

The time has come for congress to step up and do what President Bush has refused to do for four years: Pay for the War.

The expected 2007 price tag for Iraq is $100 billion. President Bush and Senator McCain are acknowledging that the number of casualties will increase when we send in 21,500 more troops. Since we are calling on these men and women to make the ultimate sacrifice, it is time for America to make a wee little sacrifice itself.

I propose a $100 Billion tax be imposed on Americans across the board with part of the sum coming from an excess-profits tax on the defense and petroleum industries. The tax would be linked to the number of troops in Iraq - say $1,000,000 per soldier. When the war is over, the tax is gone. Fair enough?

It may be symbolic but it will keep the cost off our grand children's credit cards and bring the war home.

[Ed: Had to add sunset provision to tax plan]

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