Monday, January 22, 2007

Obama Unelectable?

I was sitting in the choir room at my church on Sunday when one of the ladies entered, walked up to the minister and asked, "What religion is that Osama guy?"

Whoa! I had read that Barak Obama had attended an Islamic school (right wing read - Madrassa) for some years as a child in Jakarta but did not know that the fact had penetrated to Aging Methodist Sopranos. The discussion quickly turned to the "fact" that Barak had joined a United Church of Christ just recently in a cynical ploy to hide the fact that he is really a Muslim. I checked out Barak's church and discovered that the Trinity United Church of Christ subscribes to something called the "Black Value System" and a "non-negotiable COMMITMENT TO AFRICA." Rush Limbaugh will have Obama painted as a latter-day Black Panther in no time.

Now, I live in Alabama, a state that a Democrat has no real chance of carrying. That said, how can Barak Hussein Obama's campaign survive the next year-plus with the constant onslaught of innuendo and slander that it is going to receive from the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy?

Bonus for Republican conspiracy buffs: Are we to believe that a Muslim, Black Power, State Legislator from Illinois is a serious Presidential candidate? In reality, Obama's candidacy is a ruse to draw fire away from Hillary...

Update: Barak Obama has been a member of Trinity UCC since 1988.

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