Monday, December 14, 2015

Don't Download Cars!

As a follow-up to my ruminations about software executives getting into the car business, this...

But don’t call the Model S an autonomous car—it’s not quite there yet, though Musk says his vision is to eventually produce fully driverless cars without steering wheels or pedals. Instead, Tesla is billing the new capabilities as “autopilot” features that will occasionally require hands on the steering wheel.
“We explicitly describe [this software update] as a beta,” Musk said at a press briefing today (Oct. 14) in California. 

Never, NEVER, NEVER load Beta software onto a freaking CAR! Beta code is by definition not ready for wide release. You can't expect normal drivers to treat your Beta as a test. This is so mindnumbingly stupid that I am considering burning my Elon Musk fanboy card.

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