Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lost in Oz

As I mentioned before, my employer is requiring everyone to read the management book, The Oz Principle. So I have periodically been out on the internets and checking it out. Curiously I can find hardly any negative reviews! I found a couple of 1- and 2-star reviews on Amazon but otherwise, nada. Just to show what kind of guy I am, this makes me very skeptical of the enlightenment value of this tome. Oh, sure, it could be that it is such a superior read that no one would ever have a bad word to say about it. That could happen. Except that I read the first chapter and it blamed the collapse of Enron on a lack of accountability! All that fraud must have been simply a symptom of their failure to live Above the Line® !

First of all, how can I take seriously someone who registers "Above the Line"?

More to the point, this buzz and lack of critical response indicates that this is probably all hype and management fad. I'll read the stupid book and go to the Zigglaresque training session and then get on with my job. However, I will never be able to escape the nagging knowledge that the men and women running this company think that this codswallop is a great idea...

Update: Changed Trademark to Registered

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