Monday, May 11, 2009

Saw The Star Trek Prequel

Saw The Star Trek Prequel and didn't care for it much.

Aside from the gratuitous summer movie scenes, I found the bad-guy uninteresting and the time travel uninspired. I was really looking forward to some background on the crew and what did I get? Parallel Universe. Like time travel, this provided the writers a science fiction hack that allowed them to arbitrarily tinker with the plot and characters. At some point it stops being the Kirk and Spock and starts being "something else." For crying out loud, it ain't Star Trek if Uhura and Spock are snogging on the transporter pad!!!!

The biggest disappointment was having the supposed tension between Kirk and Spock resolved by having Future-Spock (tm) inform Kirk that they are supposed to be friends instead of having the bond develop organically. Like I said, ruined by time travel.

I admit that the characters were pretty good - if over the top in a first-in-the-series sort of way. Bones was brilliant., Spock was good. Not sure about how Scottie came across but I would be willing to see how that goes(if this weren't an alternate reality, of course, where there is no expectation that he will develope into the James Doohan character!) Even Kirk seemed to a have a spark of what the REAL James T Kirk showed in later life.

My wife and sister-in-law really liked this movie. Once again I am alone in all the Federation in feeling let down by a movie that everyone else raves about.

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Ken Brown said...

I had a similar reaction. There was a lot I really liked about it, but I walked out wondering how it has gotten such unbelievably ecstatic reviews and a 95% Tomato-meter rating. It was entertaining, but that good? Maybe people's expectations were so low to begin with that it seemed better than it was?

Anyway, I don't have a problem with them exploring a parallel universe per se--I actually like that the future is not set and that they didn't try to "undo" the disasters that transpired-- but the whole time-travel story line struck me as very lazy and poorly thought-out. Too many unexplained coincidences and plot-holes papered over with clever dialogue and nice CGI. It was exciting, but I suspect in the long run it won't be a movie I return to again and again.