Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lucky or Skillful?

Fred Thompson's much anticipated launch of his official campaign could not be better timed.

Let us set the scene - The press is focused relentlessly on the Larry Craig gay-sex-solicitation scandal. Viewers, especially Cultural Conservatives, are being turned off from politicians in droves. In comes the lanky southern Thompson, exuding plainspoken, downhome goodness. More importantly, Thompson is seen as an outsider.

Of course Fred Thompson's outsiderness is pure illusion but that doesn't matter. He has slipped in the polls as the press tired of waiting for him to do something - anything. Now he has an angle, a narrative that the media can pick up on. This timing is assuredly coincidental but the campaign should be judged on their ability to exploit MensRoomGate. If they can't catch an obvious bone like this when it is thrown to them, Clinton will have them chained to a tree in the backward before you can say "Y'all come back now, ya hear."

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