Thursday, May 31, 2007

Another Loony Bush Appointee

Heard an interview with the head of NASA, Michael Griffin, this morning. When asked about NASA's role in studying Global Warming, his speech suddenly became very slow, carefully choosing every syllable. I knew we were in trouble. Finally he launched into a discussion of the arrogance of claiming that the current climate is superior to any future climate brought about by, admittedly human caused, warming.

Of course he is right. Until you consider the human toll these rapid changes will exact, especially in less developed countries where year-to-year survival is uncertain. One wonders if he would be as unconcerned if an asteroid threatened to wipe out the the human species. After all, it is arrogant to claim that the survival of the human race is a superior outcome to any future distribution of species on the planet.

I am left to wonder if Dr. Griffin doesn't have some sort of Christ-will-return-before-we-destroy-the-planet belief that he has successfully hidden thus far.

Update: Looks like I wasn't the only one listening to NPR this morning. The media seems to have picked up this story: i.e. here.

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