Monday, April 16, 2007

Don Imus, already!

I suppose I shouldn't be shocked that so many people stood up for Don Imus. What has me perplexed is why the local call-in shows are still talking doing it! Can we stop lionizing this man. What he said about a group of young women who actually forged a community and accomplished something was indefensible. Freedom of speech and all that but (and this is especially to all you so-called Conservatives) the man must take responsibility for his actions. That means something actually happens, he pays a price, he doesn't just mumble sorry and everyone decides that he is a good person after all.

Another thing. Enough with the Rapper comparisons. Notice that Snoop Dog does not have a nationally syndicated radio show, does not receive commercial support from Proctor and Gamble and sells records to a relatively small market when compared to the nation as a whole. If ho-slinging rap bothers you, organize a boycott. That's how a free society works - we vote with our dollars, our feet and our voices.

Said one two many stupid, ignorant or inflammatory things? Sorry, Don. Live by the sword, die by the sword.


(Thank you - I fell better)

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